GlobalIndex: A Sociological Approach to Globalization Measurement


Marcel Raab

Michael Ruland

Benno Schönberger

Hans-Peter Blossfeld

Dirk Hofäcker

Sandra Buchholz

Paul Schmelzer




Figure 1 from the article


This article suggests a multidimensional globalization measure, encompassing economic, (socio)technological, cultural and political dimensions of global change. This measure builds on previous work by Dreher, Lockwood and Redoano, the OECD and Kearney, but extends it by additional dimensions and indicators that represent central facets of a genuine sociological concept of globalization. The article first describes in detail the multidimensional nature of the globalization process and then develops an overall sociological index of globalization, which the authors call GlobalIndex. This index covers the development of globalization in 97 different countries from 1970 to 2002. Using the GlobalIndex, the authors describe the development of globalization on a worldwide scale as well as for different country contexts. Finally, they include the GlobalIndex as an explanatory variable in two micro-level longitudinal analyses of labour market transitions during the early career period in Germany and the UK.

Raab, M., Ruland, M., Schönberger, B., Blossfeld, H.-P., Hofäcker, D., Buchholz, S., & Schmelzer, P. (2008). GlobalIndex: A Sociological Approach to Globalization Measurement. International Sociology, 23(4), 596–631.