I am senior researcher at the State Institute for Family Research at the University of Bamberg, deputy managing director and co-editor of the Journal of Family Research.

Previously, I worked as research assistant at the National Educational Panel Study and the Professorship of Demography at the University of Bamberg, as research fellow in the research group Demography and Inequality at the WZB Berlin Social Science Center, and Assistant Professor for Sociology in the Department of Sociology at the University of Mannheim. In 2011 I was a visiting pre-doctoral fellow at the Center for Research on Inequalities and the Life Course (CIQLE) at Yale University, New Haven. In 2014, I completed my PhD (“Family Effects on Family Formation”) at the University of Bamberg.


  • Family Sociology/Demography
  • Life Course Sociology
  • Demography & Inequality
  • Data Visualization

Sequence Analysis

Sequence Analysis - Companion Site

Companion website for the little green QASS book on ‘Sequence Analysis’ by Marcel Raab & Emanuela Struffolino providing data and code to replicate the examples shown in the book & some bonus material.

  companion website

ggseqplot - package

This library (available on CRAN) provides functions to render sequence plots using {ggplot2} instead of base R’s plot function which is used TraMineR::seqplot

  ggseqplot website

seqquality - Sequence Quality Index

A little function available via which computes a generalized version of the sequence quality index proposed by Manzoni and Mooi-Reci (2018).


Sequence analysis workshops

Together with Emanuela Struffolino I teach introductory and advanced workshops on sequence analysis. If you are interested in having a workshop at your institution drop us a mail.